I got the most amazing deal last week. One of the best things about being a SAHM is that I can look for bargains. I have time to be picky and walk away from a store if I don’t feel there’s value.

So, along with this year’s back-to-school supplies came the great replenishment of clothing. We took inventory and determined we were lacking socks. My oldest asked specifically for PUMA.

SAHM Tip: I don’t go out of my way, but if I’m near a store, I’m looking for what we may need.

I stopped in Marshall’s, and bought a PUMA three-pack for $7. I had a feeling I could do better, and I had a coupon for DSW. Actually, I had two $5 coupons I’d been hoarding, and DSW allows you to combine up to two coupons, so…$10 off for me. After scanning the shoes, I went to the registers and picked up a Ralph Lauren three-pack for $10.95. My final price after $10 coupon, with tax: $1.02. Yea, me!

SAHM Tip: If you haven’t signed up for the DSW mailing list, you’re missing out. Their emails sometimes feature coupons, and other coupons and certificates are mailed to your house throughout the year. Depending on the level of your personal shoe addiction (sock addiction?), you may receive $5 or $10 coupons, which can be doubled. Just read the fine print.

Anyway, I was quite pleased with myself. Then, my oldest asked for the tiny no-show socks. I remembered spying those at DSW.

SAHM Tip: Keep mental notes on the bargains you see. There’s no sense spending money on something if you don’t need it right away, and getting a useless bargain for the sake of it being a bargain is not a bargain at all.

I remembered I had a $5 coupon in my email set to expire. Soon after, I was out and about, so I wandered back over to DSW. I found those tiny socks, a Steve Madden three-pack for $6.95. Somehow, my $5 coupon doubled (maybe it was all the sock buy, or maybe a lucky birthday coupon in their database?), and I was charged $.01. A mere penny! What? The cashier repeated, yes, just a penny. Apparently, I said “What” out loud.

I paid my penny and thanked the nice lady. I left elated, giddy even, and wanted to share the news with someone, like the lady in the parking lot who was walking in as I was walking out, but I didn’t get the vibe from her that she’d really care like I did. I contained my joy till I got home and told my oldest, who was suitably impressed. And who is now the proud owner of more than a week’s worth of socks. For less than $10. Altogether, about the price of lunch at Chipotle.

However…don’t ask for any more socks for a little while. Those puppies are gonna have to last a whole school year.

Anyway, I love a deal.

Totally made my day.