When I was working, it was so much easier to splurge on a shopping basket of loot at Target. However, I am a SAHM, so I am, shall we say, choosier at how I spend for our household. And I know a good deal, and that makes me happy.

Another deal I found recently was at Target. It was for Clear Shampoo, the Frizz Control line, which my dear daughters adore. This is not cheap, like Suave or a store-brand, but it works. We are blessed with a lot of big, wavy hair. No volume boosters or root lifters needed here, no sir, no way. We need control, so the question becomes: how do we get it for the best deal? Without a sale, this shampoo and conditioner retails for like $6/bottle or more; currently, it’s $5.99 at CVS. The DDs have a lot of hair, so we go through a lot of hair products.

SAHM Tip: Look for deals on items you normally buy.

I saw Target was offering a deal: buy four and get a $5 gift card. So, let’s see. Normally, four bottles could cost me $24, so I’m saving $4 right off the bat. Then a $5 gift? What deal-loving Mama wouldn’t jump at the chance?! Now we’re stocked on hair products, so the next question is, how can we save or splurge again? Stay tuned, because even I don’t know the answer to that one. It will be an adventure.

Yea, me!