Last weekend, one of my dear daughters came home from a playdate sporting a snazzy little bracelet of rubbery loops. I’m not one to jump on the trendy bandwagon, and these remind me of the silly band rubber bracelet from a few years ago, but I can see the potential for creativity. Which we dig. And which was lacking in the silly bracelets of yesteryear.

SAHM Tip: money spent on creative pursuits is money well spent.

She asked so sweetly; in addition, I was looking for a small way to reward good behavior. I think this hit the mark.

And so the quest began. Finally found packs of the colorful rubberbands yesterday, after searching in four stores. Brought them all home, dumped those babies in a little pile and got down to business. ABAB pattern? AABB pattern? ABCDEFG pattern? ROYGBIV? Whatever. Bring it. Serious happiness ensued. Today, our dear neighbor friends joined in, adding to the happiness.

1200 tiny rubberbands

20 bracelets

6 straight hours of creating

5 happy girls

4 packs of 300 tiny rubberbands


Love it!