Today is my dear middle daughter’s birthday. This is a big day for her–she will be a teen today. I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. When she emerged, the nurse turned to the clock and said, “9:11 a.m.” And then, “Wow! 9:11 a.m. at 9/11. That’s going to be a special one, that almost never happens.” Special, indeed. This little dear is growing up to be pretty awesome. I love her so much, I could go wake her up right now and give her a big squeeze. But today I’m letting her sleep in. This is something we’ve never done. Today, I, the SAHM, am taking her on an alternate learning experience to her favorite museum. Because I can. And because, for her, this is the right thing to do.

While 9/11 is a day of great joy for us, America is focused on the anniversary of the deaths of thousands of Americans. So much so that last year, on her birthday, more than a dozen people said, when told it was her birthday, “Oh? Ohhhh. Boy, I feel sorry for you.” or “You must feel terrible.” or “How can you celebrate on such a sad day.” And this was from kids and adults. Needless to say, she was in tears and nearly hysterical, even before lunch period. And it all came out when she came home from school. Unfortunately, this is not the first year. As it turns out, when her birthday is a school day, it’s the same theme and comments. It’s too much to handle. And she just. Needs. A. Break.

We’ve always said this is a sad day for many people, and people’s lives were changed that day. However, for us it’s also a happy day because we received a wonderful gift. We had a baby and all babies deserve to be loved, especially on their birthday. So, Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. I hope you know you are very, very loved. And, if you want, you can celebrate on a different day. Daddy said you can even have his birthday.

Remember that terrible as well as amazing, happy, joyful events have occurred on every day of the year. 

Do you know someone with a 9/11 birthday, or a birthday on some other tragic day? If so, please hold the comments. They already know. Simply wish them a very Happy Birthday!