Get ready to spring forward those clocks!

Remember when you were little and your parents drove into the church parking lot just as every other car was leaving, because you forgot Daylight Saving Time? No? Just me?

I remember watching the cars stream out, listening to Hotel California on the AM radio, and feeling confused. Everyone was leaving. The sun seemed unusually high. Shadows didn’t match the time on the car’s clock or on my wrist’s watch. The song ended and the deejay announced over the airwaves, “Happy Daylight Saving Time. Did you remember to set your clocks ahead?”

No. No, we had not. I can only imagine that every other family in every other car was struggling to suppress their ungodly feelings of smugness, as they had the good fortune to remember their clocks and watches. While I certainly could read the hands of a clock, it was the first time I remember thinking of time as a truly abstract concept and how interesting (and terrifying) it was to hear that people could change it. Spring forward. Fall back. Switch on. Switch off.

Of course, today your mobile phone will reset itself automatically. However, will you reset just as easily? And, will you be kind to those who forget their morning responsibilities and time management?

So. Prepare yourself. Enjoy your weekend and, before you head for bed on Saturday, set all of the clocks one hour ahead. You’re welcome.

via Daily Prompt: Abstract