I pull back the blanket from the bed. Curled like a snug little bug is my girl.

“Wake up, sleepy head, time for school.” I give her an extra minute.

“Are you awake? Give yourself a long, tall stretch.” She stretches and croaks. Her eyes flutter open.

“My throat hurts.” Hmmm, I think. She says ahhh so I can peak inside. It’s a bit pink, nothing outrageous.

I kiss her forehead to see if it’s hot with fever. Nope. Hmmm. You are the third person in this house to wake up with a scratchy throat and no fever. Given the burst of flowering trees and bushes and the pollen sticking to everything outside, I bet you throat does hurt.

“Well, darling, time to gargle.” I pull clothes out of dress drawers while thinking about the small glass of salt water I have prepared in the kitchen.

“I hate to gargle!”

“Of course you do. No one likes to gargle. Have you ever heard of anyone saying their hobby is gargling?” This gets her giggling, and I tickle her belly for dramatic effect.

“Still, I’m not going to gargle. It’s gross. The salt tastes bad. I don’t know why I have to gargle.”

“Well, considering that I bet you’d like breakfast, I think you’ll want to gargle first thing.”


“Plus, we gargle to soothe sore throats and help get rid of the yucky stuff like germs. Then we spit those germs down the drain. It’s actual scientific fact, you can look it up if you want. One more thing. We don’t swallow the salt water, right?”


“Let’s go. It’s all ready for you.” Just like that, we are on our way to starting our day.


via Daily Prompt: Blanket