SAHM Adventures and Mishaps

Hi, I am Jane Oregano, of the Oregano Family. My dear husband is Jake Oregano.

Years ago, he was talking with my dear boss and complained about his name. Dear Boss suggested something else, something more Italian, like Jake Oregano, and so it became him. I loved the idea and became … Jane. When we moved to Ohio, we decided together that the best thing for our family was for one of us to stay home with our children. Since 2003, I have been a stay-at-home-mom–SAHM for short. Now we have three lovely dear daughters who give us so much and whom we love very, very much. It’s been a joy and a life filled with adventures and mishaps, and I share what’s worked for us.

Thanks for looking at I’d love to read your comments and what has worked for you with your family.

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