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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope your day was filled with food and family and good cheer! We had the food part for sure, and it was fantastic. But, there was an Oregano not here and I have been distracted by her absence. She wasn’t at our table, wasn’t in our city, wasn’t even in the same state. She was on a Thanksgiving dinner cruise with…the band. And I’m sort of scratching my head and wondering over how we got to this moment.

You see, my oldest Oregano child just started high school as a freshman, and chose to play in the marching band. The main reason she picked marching band was to get out physical education. (In our school district, you can earn P.E. credit in a few different ways, and marching band is one.) So, what started out as a way to avoid gym class blossomed into a commitment to so much more. We figured hey, the girl hates gym, she’s been playing clarinet for a few years, why not join marching band? This seemingly random choice has led to amazing opportunities for her and has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. There have been summer practices, after-school practices, weeknight events, football games, competitions, parades, so much stuff to do, so many friends to be made…the bar was raised every week and she cleared it with no problems every time. We are beyond proud.

Which brings us to sitting down to give thanks at Thanksgiving without her. This year, for the first time ever, the marching band was invited to attend the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade in Chicago. This invitation was a true honor to the band, the high school and the community. They worked so hard this year to put on great shows. She worked so hard to learn the marches. How could we say no? Commitments lead to new opportunities. Even on Thanksgiving. As proud parents, we are so thankful she has opportunities like this to create new experiences. Even a Thanksgiving dinner cruise away from home.

So, on Thanksgiving morning, we turned WGN on TV and online, and watched for her school. There she was, marching in Chicago. Here’s the link:

Honey, we really missed you. We’ll celebrate Thanksgiving with you when you get home. We love you and are so proud of you!


Today is my dear middle daughter’s birthday. This is a big day for her–she will be a teen today. I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. When she emerged, the nurse turned to the clock and said, “9:11 a.m.” And then, “Wow! 9:11 a.m. at 9/11. That’s going to be a special one, that almost never happens.” Special, indeed. This little dear is growing up to be pretty awesome. I love her so much, I could go wake her up right now and give her a big squeeze. But today I’m letting her sleep in. This is something we’ve never done. Today, I, the SAHM, am taking her on an alternate learning experience to her favorite museum. Because I can. And because, for her, this is the right thing to do.

While 9/11 is a day of great joy for us, America is focused on the anniversary of the deaths of thousands of Americans. So much so that last year, on her birthday, more than a dozen people said, when told it was her birthday, “Oh? Ohhhh. Boy, I feel sorry for you.” or “You must feel terrible.” or “How can you celebrate on such a sad day.” And this was from kids and adults. Needless to say, she was in tears and nearly hysterical, even before lunch period. And it all came out when she came home from school. Unfortunately, this is not the first year. As it turns out, when her birthday is a school day, it’s the same theme and comments. It’s too much to handle. And she just. Needs. A. Break.

We’ve always said this is a sad day for many people, and people’s lives were changed that day. However, for us it’s also a happy day because we received a wonderful gift. We had a baby and all babies deserve to be loved, especially on their birthday. So, Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. I hope you know you are very, very loved. And, if you want, you can celebrate on a different day. Daddy said you can even have his birthday.

Remember that terrible as well as amazing, happy, joyful events have occurred on every day of the year. 

Do you know someone with a 9/11 birthday, or a birthday on some other tragic day? If so, please hold the comments. They already know. Simply wish them a very Happy Birthday!


Last weekend, one of my dear daughters came home from a playdate sporting a snazzy little bracelet of rubbery loops. I’m not one to jump on the trendy bandwagon, and these remind me of the silly band rubber bracelet from a few years ago, but I can see the potential for creativity. Which we dig. And which was lacking in the silly bracelets of yesteryear.

SAHM Tip: money spent on creative pursuits is money well spent.

She asked so sweetly; in addition, I was looking for a small way to reward good behavior. I think this hit the mark.

And so the quest began. Finally found packs of the colorful rubberbands yesterday, after searching in four stores. Brought them all home, dumped those babies in a little pile and got down to business. ABAB pattern? AABB pattern? ABCDEFG pattern? ROYGBIV? Whatever. Bring it. Serious happiness ensued. Today, our dear neighbor friends joined in, adding to the happiness.

1200 tiny rubberbands

20 bracelets

6 straight hours of creating

5 happy girls

4 packs of 300 tiny rubberbands


Love it!