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A conversation that just happened after today’s breakfast. “There are new toy dolls, Mommy! They are so cute!” Child at computer ready to show me examples of the dolls.

“Mm-mm.” Me at my laptop contemplating baked donuts. How do you make donuts without a donut baking pan or a frying pan full of hot oil? I love donuts. Especially sour cream donuts. We all love donuts. We are out of donuts. Hmmm. I can think of nothing but donuts.


Improvised muffin tin into donut pan

“We have nothing to do at inside recess, and could I play with these and then put them back in my backpack when I’m done.”

“What’s that.” Maybe sour cream donuts are too ambitious. Maybe sour cream coffee cake would be easier.

“Here they are.” Turns computer to me.

“Those are troll dolls.” There are a dozen crazy-haired, crazy-eyed tiny toys creatures staring from the screen.

“They are so cute. I have money to spend and I can pay for them myself.” Big brown eyes hold mine.

“You must still save some your money.” My muscles loosen to this idea, my brain warms to this small request.

“Even if I buy them, I’ll still have money saved. A lot of money. Could you get this for me today? Please?” Cue the cute puppy eyes and face.

“Perhaps. Now let’s study for your science test. And brush and braid your hair.”

And so we do.

Despite a two-hour school delay and record-breaking temperatures in Ohio, it is sunny skies, light winds. Roads and parking lots are clear. A small request. Perhaps, my girl, I’ll find a troll doll for you.

In the meantime, time for a sweet experiment. I hope it turns out okay….

Dessert Hack: Baked Donuts

No donut pan? Don’t want to mess with hot oil? No worries: Use a muffin tin. In the center of each muffin stand a tiny tube of aluminum foil. Spoon small amount of batter around the tube. Bake as directed and cool for a few minutes before removing the foil. Let cool.

Thought for the day: Be ready to improvise! Try something different, even if it’s a small something, and see what happens.